Kingston City Hall

Kingston is located in eastern Ontario, Canada, where the St. Lawrence River meets Lake Ontario. In 1841, it became the first capital of the Province of Canada, a distinction lasting only 3 years. During its existence, the capital city of the Province of Canada changed six times, until Queen Victoria declared Ottawa as the permanent capital in 1857.

"Kingston City Hall" - Kingston, Ontario, Canada

“Kingston City Hall” – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Kingston’s City Hall was completed in 1844. It was designed by 31 year-old architect George Browne, who also designed several other buildings in Canada. Not part of the original design, the clock and belfry replaced what would have been a hemispherical dome. Two fires have damaged the building; the first in 1865, the second in 1908. It has acted as a market, bank, Customs House, church, saloon, and residence, but is currently Kingston’s administrative center.

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4 Responses to Kingston City Hall

  1. Terrific shot Erin and love the B&W conversion. Let me know if you’re ever in Toronto. Would love to shoot with you.

    • Thanks, Edith! I’d actually love to get to Toronto. Having only been there once (on a school trip at that!) it’s someplace I’d love to visit again. Even more so, I’d love to shoot with you as well. 🙂

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