And The Pitch…

The month of April is nearly over, but baseball season is just getting into full swing. I’ve always enjoyed baseball, though I’ve only been to one major league game. Luckily Charleston is home to the Riverdogs, a Class A team in the South Atlantic League. While their affiliation with the Yankees is less-than-pleasing to this O’s fan, it’s nice to have an accessible team nearby, and I try to go to as many of their games as possible.

Jose Campos of the Charleston Riverdogs throws a pitch.

“The Pitch” – Jose Campos of the Charleston Riverdogs throws a pitch.

I’ve only made it to one game this season, but I brought my camera along to capture the action. The restaurant I work for owns season tickets in the box seats just behind the Riverdogs bench at The Joe, allowing for great photo opportunities (thanks, Joe!) I decided on some heavy editing of this photo, blurring the background and keeping the pitcher, Jose Campos, and a bit of the pitcher’s mound in focus. Sometimes it’s nice to post an image that’s just for fun, without worrying about how perfect it is!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Stay tuned for more Riverdogs fun coming later this week!

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2 Responses to And The Pitch…

  1. jimdenham107 says:

    Nice action shot! The pitcher does pop off the image nicely!

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