Pink: It Was Love at First Sight

pink daisy flower

“Awakened Daisy”

Many of you may recognize the title of this post as lyrics from an Aerosmith song. I thought it was a fitting title as pink is my favorite color (hence the name of my photography business!) and Aerosmith has always been one of my favorite bands. You can almost always find me dressed in some type of pink clothing (or watch, shoes, purse…sometimes all of the above) and Aerosmith makes an appearance in just about every playlist on my iPod.

pink and white variegated camellia flower

“Pink and White” – A Variegated Camellia

fuchsia pink hibiscus flower

“Fuchsia Mood” – A hot pink hibiscus flower

pink rose bloom

“Rosy Hued” – A Pink Rose

In addition to all of these photos featuring the fabulous color pink, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that they’re all flowers! Flowers are quite possibly my favorite things to photograph. Each flower is unique, beautiful, and they almost never talk back. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and as always, I love to hear your thoughts!

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13 Responses to Pink: It Was Love at First Sight

  1. These are gorgeous Erin. I particularly love the last one.

  2. cfrailey says:

    Gorgeous color Erin!

  3. ABarlow says:

    Awesome shots there! I really love the contrast between the deep pink and the bright warm yellow in the first shot.

    I love shooting flowers also, always something interesting.

  4. Ken Rowland says:

    Love these flowers Erin!

  5. Len says:

    Love the colors and textures in these images Erin

  6. Definitely an Aerosmith fan here, too, I recognized those lyrics just by the title! Great shots here, Erin, really lovely colors and tones working off of each other.

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