Charleston Charm

There’s something about Charleston that is hard to describe unless you’ve been there. It’s easy to pick up on certain things such as its history, culture, warm weather and friendly people, but there’s also a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it unique. I’m sure much of it is attributed to the delightful combination of the aforementioned elements, but there’s so much more to Charleston than the casual observer might see.

Bench and shutters in downtown Charleston

Rest Awhile – Charleston, SC

As you meander through Charleston, it’s not uncommon to find window boxes overflowing with a variety of colorful blooms. Nor is it uncommon to find beautifully painted shutters, benches beckoning you to take a quick rest, and wrought iron gates bearing 1/2 addresses reminiscent of times past. These are some of the nuances that make Charleston one of my favorite places in the world, and I feel truly blessed to live here.

Window box in downtown Charleston.

Overflowed with Joy – A window box overflows with foliage in downtown Charleston.

Wrought Iron gate with a half address

Half Wrought – A Charleston Half Address

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8 Responses to Charleston Charm

  1. Wonderful shots but I love the last one of the iron gate.

  2. ABarlow says:

    Awesome shots. Really like the last one. Always laugh at half addresses. 🙂

  3. Oh, I absolutely love this Erin! You’ve really, really done a great job of capturing the magic of this wonderful spot in the States!!

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