A Winter Sunset

The cool winter air has replaced the warmth here in the Lowcountry. While we’re not getting 8,000 feet of snow or sub-zero temperatures, Old Man Winter is making his presence known here as well.

I’ve been sharing plenty of snowy cold-weather images with you lately. Today I wanted to bring you something that might help you warm up if just for a moment. This photo was taken just outside the door of the beachfront restaurant where I spend most of my waking hours. It was a rare occasion that I had my camera and tripod with me, and was able to capture it in all its glory.

Winter's Sunset - Isle of Palms

A winter’s sunset on the Isle of Palms, SC.

I hope this brings you warmth wherever you are. 

As always, I appreciate feedback or just a general hello! Thanks for stopping by.

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6 Responses to A Winter Sunset

  1. Gail Altman says:

    Amazing! Awesome!

  2. Sandy Riley says:

    This reminds me of exactly why I live here! Nice pic!!!

  3. I just LOVE this shot, Erin, lovely!!!

  4. cfrailey says:

    Love the silhouette of the palms.

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  6. jimdenham says:

    Beauty….and warm!

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