Butterflies and Cone Flowers

There aren’t many things that say “Spring” to me better than flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. Add a few butterflies, and I’m a happy girl. I can easily tell you that when it comes to most things in life (driving especially) I’m the world’s most impatient person. But anybody who knows me will tell you that I will sit quietly and patiently for photography. I’ll follow a butterfly around a garden for hours, just hoping to get “the shot”. I’ll wait until the clouds pass, the wind stops blowing, and the light is just right. That’s not to say I’m not happily snapping images while I wait, oh no. I’m one of those “take-a-million-pictures-and-hope-one-turns-out” kind of girls. That’s the beauty of the digital age, I can do that. If I still had to shoot with film alone, I think I’d be in trouble.

Anyway, before I ramble on about the differences between film and digital photography (I should mention that I still LOVE film, it’s just not cost-effective for me at this point), I’ll get to today’s images. In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s post, today I bring you a set of butterflies and cone flowers; my idea of true spring.

Petals and Wings

"Petals and Wings" - A Monarch Butterfly perches atop a Cone Flower in Dexter, NY.

Today, a Butterfly

"Today, a Butterfly" - A Monarch Butterfly in a sea of Cone Flowers in Dexter, NY.

Searching for Nectar

"Searching for Nectar" - A Monarch Butterfly in Dexter, NY.


I shot these pictures in Dexter, NY, a town about 10 miles outside of Watertown in a region lovingly referred to as the “North Country.” It’s an area that is gorgeous during the warm summer months, way too cold in the winter for this Southern girl, but beautifully picturesque all year long.

Thanks for stopping by today! As always, comments and feedback are always appreciated. Don’t be shy! πŸ™‚

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One Response to Butterflies and Cone Flowers

  1. Sybil says:

    Gorgeous pics, Erin! I can’t wait until spring has fully sprung; I’m sure you’ll have plenty of perfect shooting material! πŸ™‚

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