Happy Spring!

Today marks the vernal equinox, a day that has equal parts day and night. It’s particularly exciting for most of us as it means warmer weather (although we’ve had fantastic weather lately), longer daylight hours (no more going to work in the dark!) and beautiful scenes all around us as the flowers begin blooming and the trees regain their green foliage.

A Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly at the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Today I bring you one of my favorite springtime images. This was taken on the first day I got to “play with” my first DSLR several years ago. Many of you have had professional-quality cameras for quite some time, but I’ve only been using one for about 4 years. In fact, it’s still the camera I use to this day. Yes, I know, it’s time to upgrade. Nevertheless, this image remains a favorite. For me, I love the bright colors and the peaceful mood. It makes me smile every time I see it. Hopefully it will make you smile as well! 🙂

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