Sullivan’s Sunrise

Today’s photo is brought to you from Sullivan’s Island, home of Fort Moultrie where Edgar Allan Poe among countless others served our great nation. It maintains a population of around 2,000 residents, although a number of homes do provide vacation rentals for those seeking a more quiet, relaxed vacation.

This sleepy island was named after Captain Florence O’Sullivan who first arrived in the Colonies in 1669. He was elected to South Carolina’s First Provincial Parliament in 1672 and appointed to man a cannon that would send warning shots into Charles Towne upon the approach of ships into the harbor. O’Sullivan’s post made the island an instrumental element in the protection of Charleston Harbor until World War II.

Now that you’ve had a quick history lesson, here’s the photo:

"Sullivan's Sunrise Panoramic"

Sullivan's Sunrise

If you’re ever in the Charleston area, be sure to drive through Sullivan’s Island. It’s not only rich in history but also beautiful homes, landscapes, and great restaurants. You won’t be disappointed by its sleepy atmosphere and quirky, artistic shops.

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3 Responses to Sullivan’s Sunrise

  1. Beautiful shot! Absolutely love that sky, wow.

  2. A.Barlow says:

    Really cool Pano. That sky is great!

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