Sweet Baby Rowan

As most of you know, building a portfolio takes time, patience and wonderful friends who are willing to act as guinea pigs. This afternoon was spent with one such friend and her gorgeous baby Rowan. Here are a few pictures from the session:

Hey, Baby!

Sweet Dreams

Rowans Hands

Sleeping Beauty

This session was very much a learning session for all of us; whether it was adjusting the lighting, figuring out how to make her look at the camera, or just calming her down. Rowan learned that if she cried, she’d get more from her bottle. She took advantage of that quite a bit! Luckily she’s super cute whether she’s awake or sleeping. Stay tuned for more pictures! 🙂

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7 Responses to Sweet Baby Rowan

  1. Kristi Hines says:

    Sweet photos, especially the last one with just the coloring on her hat.

  2. Really like how you composed these shots, they have an endearing quality about them.

  3. ackfive says:

    All four of these are great. Any parent would be thrilled to have these shots of their little ones.

  4. Mary Quarles says:

    They are beautiful, she looks so peaceful, the pictures are great

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  6. Mary-Knox Lanier says:

    The picture of Rowan are just beautiful – – I especially like the one with the purple hat – – very striking. What a sweetie. We are lucky to get to see these.

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