Pelicans of Edisto

Here in South Carolina there’s hardly a shortage of things to photograph. Not only do we have the luxury of warm weather that extends our bloom season for wonderful flower photography, but we’ve got historic cities like Charleston, sandy beaches, and a multitude of wildlife.

Anyone who has ever traveled to the coast here has probably fallen in love with the brown pelican. These wonderful birds are fun to watch whether they’re diving into the water or soaring past a hotel balcony. Or perhaps it’s fun just to find where they like to hang out, which is what happened one fine day in November while visiting Edisto Island.

"The Gang's All Here"

"The Gang's All Here" - Brown Pelicans, Edisto Island

"Coming in for a Landing" - Brown Pelicans in Edisto, SC

"Coming in for a Landing"

"Lone Pelican"

As always, any comments and feedback are appreciated!


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7 Responses to Pelicans of Edisto

  1. Jason Hines says:

    Nice photos Erin. I really like these in B&W. I feel bad for the one pelican in the first shot that doesn’t have a post though.

  2. Shots like this really make me miss the Lowcountry. Can’t wait to get down there in July.

  3. Great shots, Erin! I particularly like the last one!

  4. Im with chris. Great shots. Love the 3rd!

  5. Ryan Sexton says:

    Very nice black and whites. I agree with everyone else I like the Lone Pelican the best.

  6. Nice shots Erin. I like the group shot!

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