Same Picture, Different Process

The following picture has been processed in three different ways: the first is as I saw it, the second and third are using Pioneer Woman’s Photoshop Actions “Fresh and Colorful” and “Lovely and Ethereal”.

As I continue to grow as a photographer, I’m always interested in what other people prefer, or what they like about certain photographs over others. So tell me, which do you like best?

"Drenched Camellia" - Original


"Drenched Camellia" - Fresh and Colorful

"Drenched Camellia" - Lovely and Ethereal

Also, I should tell you that to capture this image I had to dodge a sprinkler that would have been better described as a water cannon! Enjoy that mental image! 😉

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One Response to Same Picture, Different Process

  1. My vote goes to the second image. All are very good, but the second lightens the background a bit and lets you focus more on the flower. To me anyways! 😛 Nice shot!

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