Finding the New Among the Old

Have you ever noticed that the first time you go through anything, whether it’s mail, a catalog, or in my case photographs, you inevitably miss something? The more times you go through them, you find something you hadn’t seen or noticed before.

This winter has been uncharacteristically chilly, cloudy, and rainy here in South Carolina. However it has provided me with ample time to revisit sets of photographs I’d taken previously. The most recent find has been a continuation of a series of photographs I took in snow-covered Central Park taken in 2008. How appropriate for the winter storms that have continued to dump snow in that area this year.

Snowy branches

The San Remo from across The Lake.

Central Park, New York

The perfect place for a picnic. Perhaps not today.

Central Park, New York

Dreary sky, tall buildings, and bare branches. A portrait of cold.

Central Park

Snowy Pond

Wishing you all warm thoughts,


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2 Responses to Finding the New Among the Old

  1. Wow, these are all great shots! I’m a sucker for B&W! 😀

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